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  • Bridal Floral Headband

    White roses, silver and pink beads, bohochic style. Ideal bridal headpiece.

    not rated 29.00
  • Flowers in your hair

    White bridal headband with pearls and roses, one size.

    not rated 15.00
  • Pink Princess

    Romantic pink headband with beads and flowers made from textile.

    not rated 17.00
  • Silver Princess

    Wedding headband from Slovak region Spiš, in silver colour, with ribbons, pearls and beads. Beautiful artistic headpiece, one size.

    not rated 82.00
  • Slavic Bride

    Bridal slavic headband with long veil. Beautiful headpiece richly decorated with beads in silver colour.

    not rated 95.00
  • Slovak Wedding

    Traditional wedding headband from northeast of Slovakia, in red color with ribbons and beads.

    not rated 82.00
  • Vintage Dream

    White and silver headband with pearls for boho wedding. It can be used with or without veil.

    not rated 25.00
  • Vintage Headpiece

    Headpiece in Vintage style- lace and beads in silver and white color. Retro look with glamour.

    not rated 35.00
  • White Lace

    Head cover with traditional Slovak lace and silver beads, one size, rustic chic look.

    not rated 23.00