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  • Exotic Headband

    Exotic floral headband, be different, original and glamorous in this wreath from new collection.

    not rated 17.00
  • Golden Boho Crown

    Golden bridal headpiece with beads, pearls and flowers.

    This headband will give you luxurious and dashing look.

    not rated 92.00
  • Headband Slovak Bride

    This headband represents traditional Slovak bridal headpiece, one size, multicolor, with long ribbons, pearls and beads.

    not rated 82.00
  • Pearl Headband

    Lovely bridal headband with pearls and beads in soft colours. This accessory can be used also for festivals, party or other special occasions. Just be creative!


    not rated 13.00
  • Renaissance Head Cover

    Stylised head cover in brown and beige colour with pearls. Vintage boho style, one size.

    not rated 35.00
  • Silver Princess

    Wedding headband from Slovak region Spiš, in silver colour, with ribbons, pearls and beads. Beautiful artistic headpiece, one size.

    not rated 82.00
  • Slavic Bride

    Bridal slavic headband with long veil. Beautiful headpiece richly decorated with beads in silver colour.

    not rated 95.00
  • Vintage Headpiece

    Headpiece in Vintage style- lace and beads in silver and white color. Retro look with glamour.

    not rated 35.00