Old traditions in new clothes

Our brand Slavic Aura brings old traditions to the modern women. We do not just create exact copies of folklore headbands and headcovers from different ethnographic regions, but we also combine folklore styles with contemporary times.

We believe that every girl can be irresistible and feminine. Similarly, our grandmothers knew how to look and feel like goddesses. Slovak headbands often evoked the feeling of aristocracy through its inspiration of royal crowns and jewels. However, the headbands represented something even more beautiful – they reflected the soul of a unique region, folk traditions and infinite creativity. Through our accessories, inspired by folklore traditions, we strive to preserve our heritage.


We believe that today’s modern woman can combine folklore accessories with the modern stylish touch. The combination of modern with folklore style is precisely what keeps our traditions alive and prolonging it among our future generations.

We shouldn’t be afraid of connecting old with new, combine folk with trendy style, rustic with elegant. In order to wear a headband, a girl doesn’t need to have long braid with ribbon. Let’s be chic and folk at the same time, let’s batter down the stereotypes and allow ourselves to wear what we want according to how we feel. Respect towards our cultural heritage doesn’t mean its conservation in past times, on the contrary, we should try to make it alive and make it part of our present lives.