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We ship our orders via Slovak Post.

Each item on the ecommerce website displays the usual availability of the merchandise as well as the date of its dispatch.

The right to ownership of the goods is acquired by the buyer only upon full payment of the purchase price for the goods.

The buyer has the right for removal of the defect for free, in a timely and proper manner, if the defect can be removed. The seller’s obligation is to remove the defect without undue delay. Instead of removing the defect, the buyer may request the exchange of the goods or if the defect relates only to a certain part of the goods, the replacement of that part, provided that the seller does not incur disproportionate costs in relation to the price of the goods or the seriousness of the defect.

In the case of a defect of goods that can not be removed and which prevents the goods from being properly used as a non-defective thing, the buyer has the right to exchange the goods or has the right to withdraw from the purchase contract. The same rights apply to the buyer if it is a defect that can be remedied, but if the buyer can not be properly utilized for recurring defects or for a greater number of defects.

You can find more about Complaint procedure in the paragraph 8 of our Terms and Conditions.

The buyer is entitled to withdraw from the purchase contract without giving any reason in accordance with the provisions of art. § 7 et seq. Of Act no. 102/2014 Z.z. On consumer protection in the case of distance selling (hereinafter referred to as the “Consumer Protection Act for the Sale at a Distance”) within 14 days of taking over the goods, respectively. Please see paragraph 10 of Terms and Conditions.

The buyer has the right to ask the seller for remedy if he feels that the seller has violated his rights or has not reclaimed the complaint so that he is also satisfied. If the seller fails to answer or responds within 30 days upon request, the consumer may file a petition for alternative dispute resolution of the alternative dispute resolution entity (ARS) under Act 391/2015 . According to § 3 of Act 391/2015 ARS bodies are bodies and authorized legal entities. The proposal may be submitted by the consumer according to the procedure specified in §12 of Act 391/2015 Zz. The application may also be submitted online through the RSO Alternative Dispute Resolution Platform.