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Welcome to our website Slavic Aura

We are two proud Slovaks, mother and daughter. We follow traditions of ancient female gender lines, we create new beauty while conserving old traditions.

Slavic Aura is not just a brand, it is an inheritance that we undertook to present to the world. It is a warm gratitude to our grandmothers, great grandmothers and our ancestors, that left us with immense cultural richness.

We strive to preserve ancient headbands that were worn in the Slovak countryside and in the urban environment in past times. However, we do not only reconstruct original pieces, we also take them as an inspiration so we can creatively overlap to current times. The main idea of our work is to keep Slovak heritage alive through maintaining, developing  and modernizing it for future generations. We express ourselves with creative passion and with respect to traditions.

The main aspiration of Slavic Aura is to make women look glamorous, to enhance their infinite inner beauty.

Iveta Henzelyová


Our products

Our headbands, head covers, scarves and jewels are influenced by Slavic traditions. We are inspired by the art of our ancestors in order to maintain and develop treasures of cultural heritage. Today’s women can wear these head pieces for both normal and special occasions. They are not just any accessories. They beautify women’s originality, femininity and charm. Embroideries, colors and motifs represent ancient symbols, which we are learning to appreciate and understand. How we decorate ourselves expresses our personality, inner richness and wisdom. Beautiful headbands or head covers reflect hidden mysticism of our spirituality.

You can order and customize accessories according to your own taste and desire. Each piece is unique to you and it never repeats itself unless you request for a similar piece that we could invent for you. 


Our products are divided into two main sections